ALL SIGNS Mid-Month COLLECTIVE • Navigating Post-Eclipse Energy • Using Waxing Moon to Ease into Change

Join me for a LIVE Mid-Month Forecast for ALL SIGNS. In addition to a General Forecast, we will take a look at the energies surrounding the recent Annular Solar Eclipse. Plus, we’ll look at the current Waxing Crescent Moon, with a focus on easing into new changes in our lives. The reading will close with a meditation and silent question, for which I’ll pull a card.

The spirit totem for this collective reading is a parrot.

  • The spirit totem for this collective reading is a parrot.
  • Parrots are among the most intelligent birds (similar to crows, ravens and jays).
  • You can think your way out of (or through) any challenging situation this month!
  • Stay calm and talk it out. Oftentimes it’s helpful to simply bounce ideas off someone else.
  • Like the brainstorming energy of the 7 of Cups, keep an open mind! Try not to discount any ideas until you’ve seen the big picture.
  • Parrots are vividly colored and stand out among other birds. Rather than tryint to fit in, focus on being authentically you. Shine!
  • What makes you different makes you powerful (and memorable).
  • Parrots are adept at imitating human voices, even though they lack vocal cords.
  • Use your own voice and words. Attribute or cite your sources.
  • If someone tries to take credit for your work, it’s not a compliment, it’s stealing. Protect your ideas and be mindful of who you share them with, especially if you’re an inventor.
  • Parrots can adapt and thrive in new environments, which has led to many feral flocks forming throughout the world (outside of their normal habitats). Know that you, too, have the ability to ease into a new change with grace.
  • I saw a trip to many countries (wanderlust). It’s time to move on, move up, or move out.
  • The energy of The World card is coming forth, bringing growth and expansion your way.
  • I saw rolling green fields , representing new (greener) pastures, new opportunities and fertile ground.
  • A change of environment can change your whole life.
  • I saw scheduling being paramount. You may have to juggle obligations for you and for others in your charge.
  • You have a chance to show your leadership skills now, so rise to this occasion.
  • Take a moment to look at how far you’ve come and celebrate that accomplishment.
  • Now set a goal for what’s next. It’s more powerful to have a vision of where you’re headed.
  • Let the Universe know what you want—don’t wait for it to show you!