April 2018 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your April 2018 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, including an extended forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.

As a bonus, here are all the channeled messages for this month as well.

Aries: Rejoice and celebrate all the little victories. Don’t underestimate their size or ability to shape your future.

Taurus: Don’t be afraid to explore sides of yourself others haven’t seen. Expression is freedom.

Gemini: Do not rush. Take your time making decisions. Listen to your heart—let it do the heavy lifting, not your head

Cancer: The act of getting organized will result in a feeling of empowerment and may help reveal or remind you of something important.

Leo: Be proactive and take the reigns this month. Act before others; timing is your best tool and secret weapon.

Virgo: Don’t be afraid to say “no.” Set limits. Give yourself the time and space needed to charge. Create “alone time.”

Libra: Find a way to get back to what inspires you. Don’t let anyone silence or change your voice or message.

Scorpio: Take time to say how you feel this month for the people you love and care about. It could change their life or your own.

Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid of second chances. The past doesn’t always repeat itself—not if you’ve learned lessons and moved past fear and ego.

Capricorn: Don’t allow others’ limits to dictate yours. Aim high and reach for goals and dreams that feed your heart and soul.

Aquarius: Live in the moment. Don’t focus on what was, what isn’t or what may be—today is the most important day.

Pisces: Never stop believing in your own potential. Remember, thoughts are seeds, so sew them wisely. Weed out the shadows and feed the light.

  1. Thank you for the readings my dear – they are always so helpful, insightful, and so very much appreciated. And, I hope you do not mind, but I shared your newsletter on my site so all can know of you and your amazing readings. Always with Light & Love Angel! Always…

    1. I appreciate the support and kind words. Regarding sharing my newsletter, I see that you included links to my website and YouTube channel, and you credited me, so it’s fine. Thanks! ??

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