April 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your April 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, with Channeled Messages, and a forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.

  • ARIES: There are no coincidences. The universe is working for (not against) you. Trust in divine timing and be open to synchronicities.
  • TAURUS: When you are authentic, it opens up the flow of abundance in your life. Stay crystal clear in your goals and thoughts so that you can maximize the flow of energy that is presenting itself.
  • GEMINI: Meditate on your third chakra. Release yourself from any people, places or things which make you doubt your power. This untethering will allow you to shift focus on birthing/creating new things in your life.
  • CANCER: This is the time to sow ideas and dreams and set them into motion. The work you do now will create abundance over the next 2 quarters of the year. This month is a renaissance of your energy and power. Embrace it!
  • LEO: Pace yourself this month and don’t rush to the finish line. This will help you avoid a misstep. More importantly, be present and celebrate all the blessings in your life–this will help open your heart to even more abundance in your life.
  • VIRGO: Be an intuitive archaeologist this month and dig beneath the surface; untapped resources, hidden motives and/or new opportunities could be revealed.
  • LIBRA: April is a bit of a balancing act, with intuition being your key to anticipating and coordinating all the opportunities that are present.
  • SCORPIO: Expansion and rapid change is on the horizon. Embrace this chance to shift energy and open opportunities.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Remember that you are infinite. Your thoughts can either expand or contract your reality. Movement and change are perpetually happening, even if you don’t see it.
  • CAPRICORN: Choices abound this month, much like a spectrum of light. See yourself as the prism through which all these opportunities flow. You can choose how and when to embrace them.
  • AQUARIUS: Keep your heart and mind open to new opportunities in love and money. Dream big and don’t limit yourself.
  • PISCES: You are resilient and able to spring back from anything that crosses your path. Channel your inner magician and begin to manifest this month.
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