๐Ÿ”ฎ April 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

Watch the live replay of all the April 2020 Monthly Intuitive Readings by Star Sign. Each includes a guided meditation. 

  • โ™ˆ๏ธ Aries: Take time to rest & refuel, so that your energy can return. Use the down-time to create space for things you want to see come to fruition. Then, prepare for expansion in the month(s) ahead!
  • โ™‰๏ธ Taurus: Take the necessary steps this month to complete, fulfill or embark upon something you care about. Prepare for a quantum leap or gateway afterwards, during which great progress can be made.
  • โ™Š๏ธ Gemini: Envision an acrobat, then embody that energy–reach, stretch and soar! Keep your thoughts elevated, using hope as a tool. Reduce mental clutter, negative thoughts and avoid people who are lower frequency; like fog, they’re limiting your perspective and potential!
  • โ™‹๏ธ Cancer: Choose and focus on what matters to you this month. Take your time to do things right. Remember that your reaction sets the tone. You can either go to a place of stress or see potential challenges as opportunities. Flip the perspective!
  • โ™Œ๏ธ Leo: This month you may find yourself vacillating between Hermit and Butterfly energy. Know that the time will come for you to move from introspection to revelation. Take one step at a time and know that transformation is at hand.
  • โ™๏ธ Virgo: Time is a finite resource, and it’s a blessing. Take time to slow down and decide what matters. Meet others 50/50. If they don’t show up, make room for new people to step in. A surprise connection may bring a new opportunity to you.
  • โ™Ž๏ธ Libra: Tune into your inner North Star. Many of you may take on a role of guiding others this month. Use your voice and speak up, especially if there are any relationships or codependencies that need to be released. This is a time for spiritual re-alignment.
  • โ™๏ธ Scorpio: Find, create and make space for joy and gratitude. Innovate and try something new. Take this time to focus on re-programming; what worked before, won’t work now!
  • โ™๏ธ Sagittarius: Ask tough questions. Don’t be afraid to ask how a loved one is doing more than once (repetition allows you to break down the walls). Integrate, then expand upon your personal skills/growth. Focus your newfound energy into a “hands-on” passion project or goal.
  • โ™‘๏ธ Capricorn: Strategize. Use your time and energy like a bridge; you can either build up or dismantle opportunities. Unlike the Wizard of Oz, you need no curtain; simply stand in your power and embrace opportunities on the horizon.
  • โ™’๏ธ Aquarius: Reach out to people that you love, whether by phone or video chat. Be kind and assume the best of others. Make plans for now and the future. Don’t be afraid to talk about difficult things like wills. Also, make time to dream and take chances when it comes to your career.
  • โ™“๏ธ Pisces: Tune into your inner compass and don’t be afraid to change course. Don’t give up on goals and dreams. In fact, now is the time to channel your inner strength and precision. Take advantage of down-time to make amends with the ones you love.

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  1. Good morning Nicholas! I just finished watching the video for Virgo for the month of April and I loved it. Youโ€™re amazing thank you for doing what you do ? !!

  2. Came in for my ashbaugh light for April. You’ve become one of my “keepers” as I widdle down some busyness. Narrowing focus to a few light workers/healers/enlightened helpers who I’m really getting something significant from. God-Angels-universe decided it was time to level-up in my spirituality and here I am. In tarot?! Wasn’t my thing but it is now. It’s rich. I wasn’t expecting that. Over the years I add rituals, change up routine and always discovering something new to add to my mutt-religion ? I came across some Angel info and have some personal experience with them and was thrilled to find a whole Angel community on YouTube. This was not on my day planner lol Its great to be here and want you to know I appreciate your time and commitment to your mission and the part you have in my spiritual journey. Listening and taking notes ~ Thanks a ton โ™ˆ?

  3. Nicholas,
    Thank you very much for your April Aries reading. I enjoy your reading every month. This one felt very encouraging and extremely hopeful. I particularly loved the short, extremely powerful meditation. God bless you for the work you do, the service you provide to us.

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