♒️ AQUARIUS August 2020: It’s your turn to lean on others. Communication breakthroughs are at hand.🗣

♒️ AQUARIUS: Delegate & prioritize. Lean on your friends, family or coworkers. It’s not sustainable to do everything on your own.

💞 For those who have split from a partner or close-knit group, an old friendship/mutual friendship may re-emerge.

📦 There is a strong desire for change, a physical move or separation this month. To that end, career growth may depend upon your willingness to move and travel.

🗣 Check all assumptions as key pieces of communication may be left out. Speak to a boss if you feel overlooked. It’s possible that a bigger plan or a breakdown in communication has occurred. For relationships the same applies. Ask questions and be as honest and transparent as possible.

🛌 Rest & Recharge. Don’t let others take advantage of your essential down-time.

🏦 Focus on financial skills, especially budgeting and planning.

💫 You will make it through the current challenges. This is all making you stronger and more resilient so you can embrace future opportunities.

  1. Thank you Nicholas . You are a fantastic reader and an excellent teacher. I appreciate your work very much. ✌️❤️

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