♒️ AQUARIUS October 2020: 🔋 You are the light, not the battery for others. 🌱 It’s your time to grow!

♒️ AQUARIUS: 📢 Stand up and be heard; hold space for others to do the same.

🤝 Clear the air with someone in close proximity (or emotionally close) to you.

🌱 It may not be a win/lose type of discussion—there’s room for growth and improvement on both sides. This could be a sign that it’s time to move on, up or out to continue your growth, particularly if you’re continuing to hit a brick wall in a work environment.

💕 This relationship will either grow or fall away so something better can enter your life.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Also, make sure you’re getting enough space and time to yourself. Too much or too little proximity can exacerbate communication issues.

🗓 This final 3-month period of the year is one of rapid—almost tectonic—shifts energetically. It will rapidly build until December and then taper-off. Pace yourself throughout the final part of the year.

⛈ Much like “Storm” in the X-Men, you have the capacity to move things around you. However, for you, it’s not constrained to objects, you can also change opinions and rally forces to make things happen (like “Professor X”). You are more persuasive and motivating than usual. Just keep the emotional side in check to avoid clouded judgment (“Phoenix”).

👂🏼 Now, more than ever, listening and keeping an open mind is essential.

🏠 Changes are not just metaphysical, but also in the physical realm. You may be inspired to move, renovate, redecorate or rejuvenate your living space. Make sure your environment matches our new mindset and internal growth.

👨🏽‍💻 Expansion will also spill over into work and school, where many of you may feel compelled to either reach higher or look elsewhere to help facilitate this change.

📑 Use Retrograde to plan out your next big move in life.

↩️ Some of you may feel like making a U-Turn/180-degree change in your life. It’s okay if this is where your heart is leading you. It could be opening a big portal of opportunity. Speed (gained or lost) is not nearly as important as the fulfillment of the journey or the quality of the end product.

🌀 Release any relationships where it feels like you’re in the presence of a black hole (someone who takes, but never gives).

🔋 Remember, you are the light, not the battery for others.

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