ARIES December 2021: You’ve started a quarter-year growth cycle; one door closes and another opens!

Your spirit totem is the Ponderosa Pine

This month I was shown a ponderosa pine, which was connected to Divine Feminine energy. It’s a time to nurture, create and heal, particularly any familial or ancestral wounds. Like an evergreen, you can thrive, even if resources are few and far between. The overall cycle of energy starts in November and ends in March. You must step away from one thing to make room for another, so death is coupled with abundance. Stand tall and fight for what matters most. People will ask you where you stand and what you want. Finally, avoid retreading familiar ground. You’re meant to move forwards, not backwards.

This is only a summary, for the full account of all Channeled Messages, tune in at the 00:05:24 mark.  See below for the rest of the time stamps.
🎬 Time Stamps: 
00:00:00 Welcome
00:05:24 Channeled Messages & Spirit Totem
00:29:55 Celtic Cross
00:47:49 Expanded Forecast: Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny
01:03:43 Blessings
01:06:31 Blocks
01:09:54 Soul Path Messages: "Embracing The 10 of Wands: To Move or Move On?"
01:10:59 Viewer's Choice: "How to Embrace the Energy of The Lovers?"
01:13:42 The Big Idea / North Star
01:17:19 Meditation
01:20:47 Singing Bowl / Sound Bath
01:22:40 Final Card (Answer to Your Silent Question)
01:26:15 SuperChat & SuperSticker Thank You
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