♈️ ARIES November 2020: 💪🏾You can handle any challenge—just stay cool, calm & embrace the spotlight

♈️ ARIES: 🩺 Health and wellbeing take center-stage this month.

💓 In particular, it’s vital to work with your heart. For some, you need to heal old karmic wounds. Others may focus on opening the chakra with creative endeavors. Proper diet and exercise will help ease the strain on the heart as well.

🍎 Input/Output: you are what you consume. Release toxicity not only in food and drink, but also in environmental toxins and codependent relationships.

🚫 Break old cycles and habits. Retrograde is excellent at assisting with this.

⚡️ This is setting up your mind/body/spirit for an upgrade. You need a strong foundation to step into the new opportunities on the horizon!

📝 If you’re asked to speak or show up at an event, be prepared; you may find yourself in the “hot seat” (asked tough questions).

💪🏾 You can handle any challenge thrown your way, provided you keep your cool.

⏰ Ask for time and clarification to review options.

👂🏼 Also, inquire as to why this is the first you’ve heard. Anything is possible with proper notice, and nothing is solved overnight, so keep expectations in check.

🔥 Don’t fan the flames or take the bait; remain graceful. #Empathize, #organize, #revisit later.

🎁 Gifts should be given freely without strings or conditions attached. If you feel awkward, either clarify or say: “no, thank you.”

🤔 Returning to an old office job or school may inspire you to change direction.

🌱 You’ve grown, but the environment has remained the same. It’s either time to try to affect change there, or move on and try new things.

🛌 There’s no “snooze button” this month. Choose to make things happen now.

🙇🏽‍♀️ This is the new norm; avoid romanticizing the past. The clock is moving forward and new opportunities await you.

🖋 A new contract may present itself. Make sure you are at the negotiation table.

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