♈️ ARIES October 2020 Every thought is an act of creation. 💭 Choose wisely & create momentum!

♈️ ARIES: 💭Remember that your future is what you make of it. The past is an influence, but it doesn’t define who you are. Every choice is an act of creation, choose wisely and create momentum! Bless and release what was (in the past). Make room for a new version of yourself.

🦋 Echoes from your past, be they dreams, thoughts or people you love are coming through to teach you, not haunt you. See what they’re reflecting and set them free. Your soul work this month will consist of examining these core relationships and releasing any codependencies or fears attached to them.

🎥 Walk into the theatre of your mind and manage what you’re projecting. October opens up portals that allow you to end and begin new things, so keeping a mind clear of clutter is essential.

🔑 Your imagination is your key. Feed your dreams and passions and allow them to help you find passage to a better tomorrow.

✈️ Integrate and elevate yourself this month. Like in the movie, “The Dark Crystal,” we are always stronger when we integrate our light and dark sides and allow ourselves to be whole; to heal the splintering of our hearts and souls.

👨🏻‍💻 Reboot your thoughts and release your anger. Focus instead on creating new things and championing others in their path of creation and growth.

💞 Treat those in pain or in a shadow state of mind with compassion and shine a light. Always allow people a chance to ascend into a higher frequency. Show that same compassion to yourself. As I said earlier, we are constantly re-creating our reality; you’re creating tomorrow today.

🙇🏽‍♀️ Set your intentions and stay open to the possibilities. Explore the full spectrum of what’s available and remember that variety creates interest, which builds momentum.

🎶 Just like music, our soul doesn’t like monotony… change up the tune in your thoughts.

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