♈️ ARIES September 2020: Look people in the eyes and see the highest light! 👀 Healing is possible 💖

♈️ ARIES, here are your channeled messages for September 2020:

🌅 See the highest version of yourself and others this month and embrace your power and light. Have faith in others and encourage them—especially children. This allows you to break karmic cycles and grow in this incarnation. There will always be free will, but give yourself and others the choice to be better.

🗣 Speak openly, without demands. Flexibility in schedules and timelines will open opportunities. Mid-month is a great time for negotiating finances, especially around the 13th.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Pace yourself to avoid fatigue or burnout. Self-care, meditation, sleep and simply saying “no” are essential to overall well-being.

☀️ Stand out! In a crowded marketplace, your uniqueness is your asset.

👀 Can someone look you in the eyes? Diffuse the tension and see if there is shyness, discomfort or something bigger at play. Pay special attention to non-verbal cues this month to ensure you’re not missing something. Be direct and open. Healing is possible.

🚖 You can’t afford to hit “reverse” — stay on your path and don’t let others scramble your intuitive GPS. Finish what you started!

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