August 2019 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your August 2019 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, including messages about Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.

  • ARIES – Forgiveness will pave the way for your heart to take a leap of faith this month.
  • TAURUS – Create and cultivate meaningful relationships this month. If you’re not feeling a sense of reciprocity or unconditional love and support, it’s time to refocus.
  • GEMINI – Pay attention. Be present. Look at the small details. By doing these things, you will discover new opportunities, regain focus and recharge your internal battery.
  • CANCER – Make space for growth in your life through a creative, emotional or material RELEASE of energy this month.
  • LEO – You have a choice this month to get ahead of the crowd. Take the driver’s wheel and ride the energetic momentum that’s coming your way.
  • VIRGO – Explore all options available; solutions and opportunities abound.
  • LIBRA – You’re your own best agent of change this month. (Don’t wait for things to come to you!)
  • SCORPIO – Be proactive this month, particularly with time management and communication.
  • SAGITTARIUS – This month, take time to step back and gain perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to get the clarity you need as well.
  • CAPRICORN – Stay true to yourself–your heart will be your North star. Also, your guides speak in whispers of inspiration… tune into to those big ideas this month.
  • AQUARIUS – Focus your energy and intuition this month on a singular effort. You’ll see a noticeable return on your investment of resources.
  • PISCES – Keep your sights set on the big picture this month; don’t let other people’s drama or voices drown out your voice or your intuition.
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