August 2020 Newsletter Excerpt: Now is the time to take that first step.

As I pulled a single card for the month ahead, The Fool showed its welcome face. It was filled with a light energy… a levity and buoyancy we haven’t seen for much of 2020.

The Fool contains the power of the number Zero.
In essence, it allows us to start from scratch, untethered and unbothered by our past mistakes.

The soul is eternal; you are only limited by your thoughts. 
If the Phoenix rises, it normally does so in the Judgement card. After passing through The World phase, the soul is renewed (reborn even) and ready to begin again… this is what The Fool reminds us. We are resilient. We are ageless. We are timeless. The illusion of time holds us back.

Every journey begins with the first step. Take that step today. 
Sometimes we expect too much, too fast; free yourself from this burden. Your only task today is to take one step towards your goal, dream or idea. The universe will support you.

Remember to take risks, to live, to laugh and to keep moving.
Armed with only a knapsack, The Fool travels lightly. It doesn’t hold grudges. It doesn’t take itself seriously. It lives in the moment, takes calculated risks and keeps moving—it has no choice but to do so. Remember that The Magician follows… so in this journey you will discover your passion, your power and you’ll be on your way to manifesting your dreams.

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Image taken from the Fountain Tarot deck.