🔮 August 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

All of the August 2020 Monthly Readings are now available on YouTube for replay.

♈️ ARIES: Balance out relationship dynamics; you get what you give and vice-versa. Make an exchange of energy with gratitude, time or resources. Don’t wait to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you.” Relationships are coming to a turning point and someone is ready to move on. A homecoming or reunion with a mentor is possible. Remember that the mic 🎤 is always on and the camera is always rolling (especially with respect to the Akashic Records). Everything will see the light of day, so act with grace, empathy and generosity. If you feel like you’re in a loop (think: Groundhog Day, the movie), then end the cycle with compassion and embark on your brand new day. Finally, put an intention out to the universe, like a message in a bottle.
♉️ TAURUS: Fight to be heard, but don’t fight just to fight. Listening is a two-way street. If someone refuses to listen, then engage, listen and try not to dictate—otherwise communication will break down. Live and let live. Release old ties and redefine yourself. Ancestral healing is possible; learn from their mistakes. Create new paths and open new portals. 🗝 Focus on the future!
♊️ GEMINI: Turn your stage fright into butterflies and SHINE! 🌠 Try not to over-prepare, overthink or focus on the minutia. Instead, be present, pay attention and take cues. Be the voice of reason. Speak up, because others feel the same way. Be as reasonable and diplomatic as you can. Remember: there are no accidents or coincidences. Get perspective through a creative outlet.
♋️ CANCER: Push, transform & persevere. You’re going to make it to the finish line, but plan for the next part of the journey. Also, remember to enjoy the process of accomplishing your goals, as the end may otherwise feel anticlimactic. Stay true to your vision and don’t let others sway your heart or mind. Remember love transcends and transmutes all things. Use love as a compass; it will not fail you! 🧭
♌️ LEO: Believing is seeing, not the reverse. 👀 Change is possible if you allow it. You stand before three mirrors: past, present and future. Integrate your hopes, fears and inner child so you can embrace the new you. Dismiss old projections and warped perspectives. Like the Nazca lines, some things can only be seen from afar; get perspective and plan for the next big thing. Focus on moving forward, not going back. Make time every day for your psychic development.
♍️ VIRGO: If you feel like spiritual tumbleweed, it’s time to focus and clear your mind. Don’t wait for change to happen, as this invites Tower-like energy. Ground yourself by setting goals and making plans. This empowers you and opens up new opportunities. Change and the unknown are both scary and fun—focus on the latter. It’s a new dawn. 🌄 I saw an image of you shapeshifting in the fog. Let your imagination take you where you need to go. This year is like the Fool and World combined—a “bookend” or portal year. Listen to your inner Hunger and Desire; this primal energy is trying to tell you something. How are you filling time? Is it fulfilling or just filling? Use time wisely (don’t kill it). Think of “filler” activities like empty calories—they’re never worth it and won’t satiate the hunger. Use your passion to ignite your dreams and embolden your spirit!
♎️ LIBRA: Do you feel as if you’ve outgrown something? Listen to that intuition. Now is a time of growth 🌱 and expansion! 💥 Give yourself the freedom to try, experiment (and even fail)—it’s all part of learning. Be kind with yourself and others. Just like a plant that has been transplanted, it takes time for your “new roots” to get established. If you are currently on the bench waiting or queued in a line, ask yourself, “am I ready for the change to happen?” If you are, then take that leap of faith and find someone who’s ready to lift you to the next level. If you’re not ready, then use this pause to make things picture perfect. For those blessed with abundance, pay it forward and help others. What will your legacy be? Spend time making a difference. Take time this month to listen to yourself and others. People will reveal their true colors. To that end, this is a time of revelation. Take what you learn and make morale better. Fix problems before they balloon into something bigger. Stay empowered by taking accountability and being honest with yourself and others—this honesty will help facilitate a move or transition in the near future.
♏️ SCORPIO: Sort out contracts and relationships. 💞 It’s important to know yourself, because others are looking to you for the answers. Where do you stand? Now is the time to set goals, and talk openly about intimacy and commitment. You can rekindle or release—the choice is yours. 👀 People are keenly aware of you. With this increased visibility, remember to act with grace, dignity and confidence. Release and/or fix any issues that may be contributing to your insecurities. If you’re holding onto something that no longer suits your frequency, this is the month to let it go. 💪🏽 Remember you are resilient. You can bounce back and step into a new trajectory if you’re ready. Be real with yourself and remember what matters and you won’t be led astray.
♐️ SAGITTARIUS: 🌄 You are the light in the fog, but others must choose their own paths. Don’t let lower energy or thoughts eclipse your own. Keep a sunny outlook. Hope is a powerful tool for change and perseverance. 🍾 Don’t bottle your emotions. Find a way to express them. Transmute lower energies to something more productive. (E.g., use knowledge to diffuse fear; transmute anger into an action plan; and if you’re isolated, now is the time to get involved in the community. 💕 Follow your heart and fight for what matters. Pushbacks and delays may simply be a test; lead the pack 🐺 and show your resourcefulness. ⚡️ Your Power Totem this month is the Hornet (Wasp). It embodies power, strength and leadership. Remember to use your words wisely and demonstrate your power through actions. Don’t just act out… be a role model. 🤝Get to know your neighbors, coworkers, baristas, etc.—a friend or ally will emerge in an unexpected place.
♑️ CAPRICORN: Be original and live now; this is your ticket to success. RE-IMAGINE yourself… Don’t simply try to re-create the past. 💬What Inspires you? What would you do to make that happen? Don’t let your dreams slip away. Push & believe in yourself. Focus on the possibilities and not the limits. 💪🏽 Be proud of who you are and what you do! Live your life for yourself, not others. Your soul may reincarnate, but you’re alive now, so make this life count. Don’t allow the insecurities of others to imprint on or impede your soul’s path. 🗓 You’re embarking on a 9-month energetic shift. With big changes ahead, now is the time to plant seeds and set your intentions. 2021 will bring shifts in career, living situations and relationships for many of you (combining the energy of Judgement and The World).
♒️ AQUARIUS: Delegate & prioritize. Lean on your friends, family or coworkers. It’s not sustainable to do everything on your own. 💞 For those who have split from a partner or close-knit group, an old friendship/mutual friendship may re-emerge. 📦 There is a strong desire for change, a physical move or separation this month. To that end, career growth may depend upon your willingness to move and travel. 🗣 Check all assumptions as key pieces of communication may be left out. Speak to a boss if you feel overlooked. It’s possible that a bigger plan or a breakdown in communication has occurred. For relationships the same applies. Ask questions and be as honest and transparent as possible. 🛌 Rest & Recharge. Don’t let others take advantage of your essential down-time. 🏦 Focus on financial skills, especially budgeting and planning. 💫 You will make it through the current challenges. This is all making you stronger and more resilient so you can embrace future opportunities.
♓️ PISCES: This is a time of growth. 🐛 Like a caterpillar, focus on feeding your mind and soul with things that will support expansion. 🌊 If you embrace the new energy coming through, you will gain momentum (like a waterfall). This will move you into a new transformative phase in your life. ⚡️A window of opportunity is opening. Like lightning striking, it may not happen again soon, so embrace it! 💗 Shower yourself with the same love and generosity you give to others. 💫 Maintain the integrity of your ideas and goals.

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  1. Hi Nicholas,
    It is August 8th and I just found you! I am so impressed by your energy, empathic insight and anticipatory guidance. I listened to scorpio first, it was like a private reading for me and the meditation is lovely! So glad I found you. Peace out, Desneige

  2. Hi Nicholas…I’m not getting your notifications when you post the monthly’s. I’ve always got them until recently in my email.

    1. YouTube has changed the way notifications work. Now they use mostly “push” notifications. My advice is to follow me across social media as I always post updates on each platform, using story reminders on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. On Twitter, you can sign up for email reminders whenever I tweet, so that’s the easiest workaround. 🙂 Here are my social links: https://nicholasashbaugh.com/socialmedia. Also, please sign-up for my newsletter: https://nicholasashbaugh.com/newsletter

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