August 2021 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

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Recap of of Channeled Messages:

  • ♈️ ARIES: Be discerning and stand tall! Make a decision before someone makes one for you.
  • ♉️ TAURUS: Everything requires an even energetic change. Create that balance this month!
  • ♊️ GEMINI: The Universe is giving you a subtle nudge to pick up the pace & take action!
  • ♋️ CANCER: Like a lion, own your power and show what you’re made of…Don’t step aside!
  • ♌️ LEO: Know when to fight… and when to walk. Spend time kindling your own passion!
  • ♍️ VIRGO: Nurture your ideas, redefine what’s possible and think outside of the box!
  • MID-MONTH COLLECTIVE: General Forecast • Setting Boundaries • Dealing with Unknown
  • ♎️ LIBRA: Even hummingbirds need to rest. Recharge your battery and make tomorrow count!
  • ♏️ SCORPIO: Be the source of change—don’t wait for it to come to you. It’s time to own your power!
  • ♐️ SAGITTARIUS: Shed your skin…Celebrate the ends and beginnings which accompany growth!
  • ♑️ CAPRICORN: Like a diamond in the rough, you have potential. Remember: shine, even when others cannot!
  • ♒️ AQUARIUS: Your heart’s a direct line to Spirit; use it now to call in the highest love and abundance!
  • ♓️ PISCES: Now’s the time to redirect, do the right thing, and the amplify possibilities!
  • BONUS READING: Topics include: Energy Check-in • Moving (On) & Making Big Life Changes • Manifesting
  • END-OF-MONTH COLLECTIVE: General + Opening Up New Opportunities • Finding the Silver Lining • Career
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