August 2023 Newsletter Excerpt: Trust in Cosmic Timing

Good things happen exactly when they’re meant to. Keep the faith and be ready to move when a synchronicity presents itself.

Nicholas Ashbaugh

In the past position, we have the Six of Wands. This card is rich with magical symbolism. We see a woman on a broom, flying above the distractions and trappings of success and leading the way. She believes in miracles, magic and, most importantly, in her own capabilities. She knows that believing is seeing, not the other way around. Now is a time to continue to sow the seeds of your dreams and goals—don’t get distracted by what others are saying or doing.

In the present position, we have the Knight of Pentacles. The knight is facing a path of stones surrounded by mist and fog. Focus is essential to avoid a misstep. The path to success is often a winding one, and this card reminds you that the reward is well worth the journey. Stay true to yourself and remember that this path is your own—try not to compare yourself to others.

Finally, in the future state, we see The Hanged One. This person is being lifted into the heavens by a ribbon—a reminder that sometimes delays exist as a way for us to get perspective and see the situation from a birds-eye-view, much like the initial Six of Wands card. This month, do not worry about any perceived delays. Be patient with yourself. Fully drink in all the lessons of each step along the path to success. As we saw with the Knight of Pentacles, sometimes the fog makes you feel like you’re stuck… but once the sun rises, you’ll see just how far you’ve come.

Trust in your magic. Remain true to your path. Cosmic timing is underway.

Deck used: Star Seeker Tarot
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