♋️ CANCER December 2020 🙇🏻‍♂️ Don’t underestimate your power. Focus on rebuilding and innovating. 🌱

♋️ CANCER: ✨ Your higher self came through today and shined its wisdom. The message was clear: don’t underestimate others—or yourself, for that matter. Push the limits of your own consciousness. Reject the old labels, limits and assumptions. You’ll surprise yourself.

👁 To that end, awareness and consciousness expand beyond what you hear and see. If you know someone who is experiencing a cognitive block, know this: they hear you on a soul level.

🎥 The camera is rolling, and others are watching (think: Six of Wands). Who do you want to be? What are you seeking? Pay less attention to the group, and more to what you want to call into your life. You’re accountable for your success.

🏃🏾‍♀️ Be ready to move and then do so while the door is open (as it won’t be forever).

🧱 It’s time to break down the walls and rebuild.

🌱 Sometimes it’s easier to create a new system or foundation than to be constrained by antiquated technology or levels of bureaucracy. Innovate!

🤝 Avoid unnecessary competition or fighting; you have more in common than you realize.

🏁 Find a common ground and get to the finish line.

👑 Remember: the other person only has power if you give them power. Reclaim it and move on.

🌏 The root chakra will benefit from healing. Ground yourself and release any fear that may be anchoring you in place.

💝 Heal any sister or divine feminine relationship issues; life is too short and this is blocking healthier relationships which want to come through.

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