♋️ CANCER October 2020 💞 Clear your head & heart to make way for new partnerships on the horizon! 🌄

♋️ CANCER: 🛠 Focus on preventative maintenance—this extends to all parts of your life, such as health, finance and home.

⚙️ Remember: there are a lot of moving parts to contend with. This is doubly true with home repairs. Consult with an expert if needed.

⚡️ Redirect your time and energy towards supercharging goals and dreams.

👁 Be present and mindful of what’s going on around you, especially while driving or using machinery.

🛌 Sleep is both restorative and magical. It expands intuitive muscles and clears the cobwebs.

💡 A quiet and rested mind can work smarter and make up for lost time. It will also be more able to pick up on nonverbal cues and signs from Spirit.

🧊 Start making changes now, even if there’s no immediate gratification. Slow-moving changes are nonetheless powerful. Glaciers move slowly, but they change the face of the planet forever.

⚖️ Work/life balance is key to health and productivity.

💗 Tune into your heart; where does it want you to be?

💞 Newer partnership energy approaches, so clean your heart and head space to prepare.

🤝 Heal older relationship energy—with parents, mentors and those who’ve passed on to Spirit.

💫 Your message will be heard; death is a form of transformation, as is love.

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