♑️ CAPRICORN August 2020: It’s time for big changes. πŸš€ Sow the seeds of change right here and now! 🌱

♑️ CAPRICORN: 🌟 Be original and live now; this is your ticket to success. RE-IMAGINE yourself… Don’t simply try to re-create the past.

πŸ’¬What Inspires you? What would you do to make that happen? Don’t let your dreams slip away. Push & believe in yourself. Focus on the possibilities and not the limits.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Be proud of who you are and what you do! Live your life for yourself, not others. Your soul may reincarnate, but you’re alive now, so make this life count. Don’t allow the insecurities of others to imprint on or impede your soul’s path.

πŸ—“ You’re embarking on a 9-month energetic shift. With big changes ahead, now is the time to plant seeds and set your intentions. 2021 will bring shifts in career, living situations and relationships for many of you (combining the energy of Judgement and The World).

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