♑️ CAPRICORN December 2020 💎 You’re divinely imperfect—Love yourself & heal karma in a soul reunion.

♑️ CAPRICORN: 🌱 Your flower totem today is a thistle, symbolizing abundance, perseverance, protection and strength.

🩺 Thistles remind us to take special care of blood sugar, digestion and liver health (and milk thistle may aid in these areas).

💎 We are divinely imperfect, by design.

🚀 The goal is not perfection, it’s expansion and ascension.

💪🏾 Celebrate your strengths (as well as others’).

👁 Focus on what’s possible and help others do the same.

💫 Don’t just narrate; elevate. If something isn’t working, stay positive and be a part of the solution.

🛣 Even a (perceived) setback can be a blessing in disguise—a form of divine redirection.

💕A soul reunion is on the horizon, either from this life or another.

🤔 You recognize the partner before they see the soul connection within you—in part because your soul has undergone significant growth and change.

⚖️ One or both of you may yearn for what once was, but that’s not the purpose of this reunion. You’re here to liberate old karmic bonds and redefine the power dynamics.

💃🏻 Your souls need to dance together to find their new rhythm. A courtship may ensue as you sort out your emotions. Friendship seemed to be the primary energy available, but free will is always at play.

🌻 Expect and call in abundance in all forms.

🚪 Don’t close a door before you know what’s behind it… you are being asked to step out of your comfort zone and explore new (more rewarding) opportunities.

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