♑️ CAPRICORN November 2020 🔂 End the déjà vu. You’ve done all this before, but the cycle ends now! 💥

♑️ CAPRICORN: ⏰ Ever feel like you’re experiencing déjà vu? Imagine that you are a time traveller and you could impart knowledge into your present incarnation. What if anything would you say? How would you change?

👨🏾‍🏫 My guides had 5 messages about this for the collective.

🔂 1: You HAVE done all this before, which is why it feels like déjà vu.

💥 2: You will keep doing it until you break patterns and integrate messages.

🙇🏻‍♂️ 3: It can (and should be) more fun and exhilarating now, because (you realize) anything is possible.

🛌 4: Only those who are cognitively asleep will be afraid. Awaken, and own your power in this lifetime. (Like Neo taking the red pill in The Matrix!)

🎓 5: Instead of having to repeat the same experience, “graduate” and take a leap of faith.

💝 Remember: you are more than enough!

🤥 There’s no need to stretch or exaggerate qualifications.

🧲 The truth always emerges, so just be yourself. Plus: your singular energy is what creates and attracts abundance in your life.

🗣 Clear your throat chakra and focus on clear communication.

📢 Reclaim your voice and be heard.

📡 Listen to your intuition. Take the necessary actions, based on what you intuit.

🗓 Move the needle forward and begin. Don’t delay. If not now, then when?

💿 Like an old record LP, if you repeat something too long, you lose clarity. This is a chance to sing your own tune and flip expectations around.

⚓️ Release your dreams, wishes, and even your fears to the divine. If you hold on too tightly, you become beholden to them instead of the reverse.

🦋 Allow them to take form and fly from your heart chakra like butterflies or dandelion seeds. Trust that your dreams are manifesting.

🙏🏽 Each day is a chance to do better. You are creating tomorrow today.

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