December 2020 Newsletter Excerpt

This month, your soul is taking the journey from The Star to The World to Ten of Pentacles—ushering in the energies and lessons of self discovery, expansion and abundance.

The Star — Know yourself (and let others see your potential).
The tumultuous energy of 2020 has given you a spectacular chance to (re)discover who you are, what you want, and—most importantly—to decide what really matters to you. This recalibration means that you can overcome your fears and realize your true soul’s path and desire.

Ultimately, The Star challenges you to love yourself and move forward unapologetically—to be a source of light and inspiration for others.

The Star, like The World, is auspicious. It pushes you to be seen and step outside of your hermit shell. Now that you know yourself, are you ready to let others celebrate the amazing potential you have?

Like The Prayer of St. Francis, you can use your alchemic knowledge to elevate the collective energy, showing love, forgiveness, faith, hope, light and joy—especially when others show you the opposite. You can be a divine instrument of transformation (if you allow yourself to be).

The World — Change is inevitable (and can be amazing).
The World can usher in changes in relationships, jobs or living situation. It can also accompany recognition. In short, you are being offered growth (through the vehicles of movement and change).

On a more spiritual level, just as in the song, Turn, Turn Turn—you are being given a chance to move (and keep moving) despite the relentless changes you’ve already been through. Now is the time to have faith in what’s coming next and focus on making tomorrow better than today.

Ten of Pentacles — Tend your dreams and goals
For those who have lost something this year, you have a clean slate now from which to rebuild. The karma and burdens are fading, allowing for recovery and renewal.

Spend time each and every day tending to your dreams and your goals, for these are the fruits of tomorrow. When the energy of today feels heavy, remember that you are a creative force and you are creating tomorrow’s reality today. Use your skills to forge a new path.

Combine The Star, The World and the Ten of Pentacles and you have abundance in all forms. By knowing yourself, sharing your light with the world, and lifting those up around you, it’s possible to build a firmer foundation. December is a beginning to the healing that’s necessary after The Tower, Death or Ten of Swords.

Note: The 10th pentacle is inside the center star. I keep getting questions about that. 😉 A message here is you have that star within you. Plus, it’s good to look beyond the surface (or first glance)!

Programming note: Abundance is something I’ll be talking about live on New Year’s Eve • See:

Deck used: Wild Unknown

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