December 2021 Newsletter Excerpt: It’s Decision Time!

Ace of Wands Reversed—Vitality & Clarity Are Key.

Your mental vitality and clarity are essential to success this month. Make time to rest, meditate or do activities that clear your mind—this includes sports, recreation or just hanging out. Anything that inspires you will do the trick. If you’re in an environment that doesn’t allow you to rest, play or daydream, then find a space where it’s safe to do so; this is time well spent!

Keep an open mind to new ideas (and feedback). If you feel inspired to take a risk, then do so… don’t knock it until you try it! This open-minded approach will open up a new creative flow. Others will also be drawn to work with you.

Seven of Cups Reversed—It’s Decision Time!

You may find yourself having a hard time concentrating. If you’re daydreaming, where is your mind taking you? Are you thinking of a new job? A vacation? Has an old dream resurfaced? Instead of pushing that thought aside,”try it on,” as if you were in a changing room. It will give you the chance to find a piece of yourself that you forgot about over the years.

You’ll be asked to make a decision this month, and the answer is not as hard as it seems. Your heart already knows, but your brain just needs to catch up to it. Instead of wondering, “what if this doesn’t work…” ask yourself, “what if it does?!”

Imagine this was your last day on the planet. If there are any regrets you might have, make those your goals tomorrow. 

Knight of Swords—Movement Abounds!

The latter part of December will be marked by rapid movement and changes. Your communication is a powerful tool. Trust your voice and vision. Share it with others. People will depend on you to get the job done. The good news is that you’re set up for success (as long as you trust yourself.)

Knights work with great speed. The Knight of Swords reminds you that all you need to do is ask—you’ll be surprised what you get!

Deck used: Ethereal Visions, Luna EditionSee more decks that I use.
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