Dream Symbology & Interpretation (Intuitive Development Series)

My special collective discussion on dream symbology and interpretation is now available for replay. This video is part of my ongoing Intuitive Development Series. Thanks to all the YouTube Channel Members and Patreon Supporters who submitted questions.

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Dreams can be literal, but they’re usually metaphors or symbols.

Don’t focus on the script. Focus on how you feel and what sticks with you (like a photograph).

Approach dreams with curiosity and enthusiasm, not fear.

Clear your mind before you rest. (Empty the mental trash bin!)

Like a fitting room, dreams give us a chance to try on a new persona, idea or attitude.

Once you become aware that you’re dreaming, you can be more interactive (lucid dreaming).

Ask anyone (or anything) that you meet the following questions: Who are you? What’s your name? Why are you here?

Avoid becoming spiritual tumbleweed. You have to prepare before you go to sleep. Always set an intention and ask for protection (angels, guides, etc.).

Your symbols are singular. Spirit and your higher self are crafting them.

Like hieroglyphics, dream symbols are a compressed “visual shorthand” used by spirit to convey information quickly. With practice, you’ll become fluent. Remember you’re the creator!

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