Monthly Intuitive Reading by Star Sign

February 2019 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your comprehensive February 2019 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, with Channeled Monthly Messages, and a forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.

Here are your channeled messages as well:

ARIES: Focus on personal development this month; you may decide to invest in yourself, pulling in on resources like time, energy and money. Secondly, give time and space for new things to grow. That space is sacred and necessary for growth to take place. Honor it.

TAURUS: February provides a chance to repair old relationships. Your proactive communication and perseverance in mending them will pay off in the middle of the month.

GEMINI: Nourish your mind, body and spirit with the best possible resources. Everything should be lifting you to a higher frequency—from the food you eat, to the environment in which you live, to the people in your life.

CANCER: Focus on clearing, both in thoughts and in your physical space. As you clean your environment, realize you’re making room for new forms of abundance in love, relationships and money. Then, take time to breathe. Feel the shift on a mind, body and spirit level.

LEO: Let the word FREEDOM be your mantra this month. Extend that same freedom to others in your life. This allows for increased accountability and growth in your own mind, body and spirit. The same is true for those who are around you.

VIRGO: Prioritize your energy resources so that you can realize your goals. Meditation will be a wonderful way to decompress and ascertain exactly what your focus should be during February.

LIBRA: As I meditated on your sign, I saw the old Roman god Vulcan (Hephaestus), standing at a forge. Use February to kindle your fire, ignite your passion and utilize this newfound energy to create. Be open to receiving abundance in all forms, and, if needed, lean upon those around you. It’s your turn to shine.

SCORPIO: Take a day or two and take stock of what’s important this month. You have the power to push back, say “no” and make room for creating space. This space will help open up new opportunities in love, business and personal growth.

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace the power of diplomacy this month. Bend, like a willow, and allow for changes to take place. Likewise, going the distance and meeting someone at the half-way mark can help make up for lost time or momentum.

CAPRICORN: Now, more than ever, it’s important to find your grounding and purpose. With this steadfast focus, you’ll be able to have a breakthrough.

AQUARIUS: March to the beat of your own drum, Aquarius. Remember that like attracts like. Your new frequency will attract new friends and opportunities.

PISCES February opens up an opportunity for growth, expansion and the ability to absorb knowledge. Surround yourself with energies and opportunities that elevate your frequency, since your sensitivity is heightened.

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