🔮 February 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

Watch the live replay of all the February 2020 Monthly Intuitive Readings by Star Sign. Each includes a Manifestation Mini-Reading & Guided Meditation.

  • Aries – A metamorphosis is underway. This is your time to break free and redefine yourself!
  • Taurus – Group dynamics are at play in February; know when to harmonize with the hive and when to be the queen bee and stand out.
  • Gemini – Create a new season of your life. Healing and regrowth are possible.
  • Cancer – Make space for what matters most.
  • Leo – Get ready for a breakthrough. Expect the unexpected. Use the element of surprise to your benefit.
  • Virgo – You have a feline-like ability this month to land on your feet. Make a decision this month; you’ve done enough thinking and movement is required.
  • Libra – Move forward with leaps and bounds. The image of a rabbit came forth, symbolizing fertility, flexibility and the ability to rebound from any setback.
  • Scorpio – Feed your inner child with unconditional joy and love. Focus on Rebirth/Reinvention.
  • Sagittarius – Laugh. Breathe. Improvise. Make the best of the situation. If you get lemons, make lemonade.
  • Capricorn – Focus on activation and bringing dreams into ignition. Now is the time to create and take action.
  • Aquarius – You are magnetic this month, especially your thoughts. Be bold and listen to your dreams to realize your potential.
  • Pisces – If you feel like you’re stuck in a maze, remember that like Ariadne, you can create a new way out. Embrace your inner architect. Also: look at passwords, home security and other areas of your life that need protection.

Remember, you can see a list of all past, present and future live recordings by typing NicholasAshbaugh.com/live in your browser.

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  1. Hallo Nicholas! It is a great idea…I am looking very much forward to listening to my February horoskope.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy, successful New Year I send you my best regards and love!


  2. Live readings are great!!! And getting readings in Advance is so helpful & exciting. Thanks a lot for your continued support & efforts! May you have a blessed and wonderful 2020 & new decade, Nicholas. ?

  3. Hello Nicholas

    I am so full of joy and gratitude that the powers to be have connected me to you. No coincidences,right! My husband and I share the same birthday (virgos), I truly hear his reading as well as what is meant for me independently. You are spot on and the real deal.. We live in Queensland, Australia and the fires down under have seen us pray for the environment and our Aussie mates. Your readings have been a solice that better times are not too far away for those affected. I just need to work out the time difference to hear a live reading with you.

    Light and love

    1. Liz, I’m so happy that you’re enjoying my readings and I’m sending a ton of healing energy to Australia. I’m including prayers for your country in many of my guided meditations this month. Be well and stay safe!

      TIP: If you follow me on Instagram you can get a reminder of when I go live whenever I post the countdown in an IG story.

  4. Dear Nicholas. I am new follower on your youtube readings on Taurus, and Leo especially, and manifestating, , because I have sun in Taurus and moon (ascendant) in Leo. I follow them without a channel now, cause I needed a break from Social medias and almost all of internet. Like you just mentioned in the reading for Leo.

    Wanted to find a way I could say thank you anyway,

    Namaste, from Madeleine, Oslo

  5. I’m new to your channels and just heard the reading for Leo for Febrary. It resonated so well. An ex i let go last year has recently showed up on my doorstep after healing with meditation since Oct. 2019. I’ve also been manifesting a romantic partner and what I want in a relationship. The ex asked me to marry him after realizing he loved me in my absence. I said no. Although I’ve let go of the past. I cant help but remember what i went through. Im stronger and more the wiser. Although we have this deep connection like a twin flame. I feel there is someone else more suited for me waiting to come in. And i will meet him at an event. A Sagittarius, younger than I. I read cards too. Your reading confirmed with clarity what I already knew. And I loved the meditation at the end. Thank you so much for your insight.

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