February 2021 Newsletter Excerpt

The Moon, The Hermit and The Tower are here to help you move through this Mercury Retrograde cycle. It’s time to embrace your dreams, rekindle your light, and embrace necessary changes.

The Moon: Listen to your inner voice and tie up loose ends. Don’t let fear block you from your dreams; it’s now or never.
The Moon is the great revealer. True colors will shine through one way or another. Be it by dreams, or in your waking life, you’ll be asked to face your hopes, fears and inner desires. Do so now! By tying up these loose ends, you will avoid a potential block in your life.

The Hermit (Reversed): It’s time to be bold and take a stand. Rekindle something you feel you’ve lost… it’s still there.
The reversed Hermit reminds you that It’s time to come out of your shell. Your voice, ideas or presence is needed. If you don’t take this moment to shine, someone else will instead. The Hermit is also a card of discovery and rekindling—a perfect energy for Retrograde. Go deep within and you’ll find that you still have what it takes to accomplish a dream or overcome a fear.

The Tower: Change brings about movement, and movement allows for growth. Ask yourself, “Where can I grow the most this month?”
Not surprisingly, we see The Tower rounding out the potential energy for this Retrograde. Remember that Tower energy can actually be beneficial. It arrives when the Universe wants us to make a necessary change in our lives. You always have the ability to get ahead of a Tower event (or even reshape it as it unfolds). The important thing here is to identify where you need (and want) to make a change, and move without hesitation. Great growth awaits you if you’re ready.

Deck used: Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot

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