♊️ GEMINI December 2020 🌟 Now’s the time to break through glass ceilings—surprise yourself & others!

♊️ GEMINI: 🛌 Practice proper self care. Sleep, in particular, is a necessity, not a luxury. Make time to rest!

🙇🏽‍♀️ This rest will (ironically) help you work better, increasing not only productivity, but intuition. Some solutions may come to you in dreams, in fact.

😴 Dreams are a portal into your psychic and intuitive gifts. Pay attention to the symbols, messages and ideas that spring forth during sleep.

🚗 My guides showed me an image of you searching for your car and finding a parking ticket.

⏳ You’ve been waiting too long for something (or someone); it’s a wake-up call to move on.

🛣 Now is the time to change your direction and shift into a new mental gear.

⌚️ Focus on better time management as well.

👑 Take the wheel and drive. Embrace your inner Emperor or Empress energy!

💳 Make sure you adhere to contracts to avoid late fees and fines. Likewise, if any debts are due (literally or figuratively), clear them out so you can start 2021 on a clean slate.

🚶🏻‍♂️ I also saw an image of you walking on—then breaking/falling through—a glass ceiling.

🏆 This is auspicious! It’s showing your ability to shatter limiting thoughts. It also symbolizes your ability to move up in the world.

🌌 Break through your fears and release the figurative ceiling to your soul’s firmament.

🏁 Push for those dreams and don’t let rejection deter you. Perseverance wins out in the end!

👨🏾‍🏫 For school or training, do what you want to do, not what parents (or society) expects of you.

😍 Happiness, success and a sense of fulfillment are not mutually exclusive.

🎭 Take time to get to know new friends or romantic partners. Your intuition will help you see through masks or façades.

💞 Heal family relationships to clear the way in love and future partnerships.

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