♊️ GEMINI November 2020 👁 Love yourself. Be that which you seek. You’ll attract high-vibrational souls in the process.

♊️ GEMINI: 🌌 Today, during the channeled messages, Jupiter and the Moon came through as celestial guides. Jupiter reminds us that November brings expansion, growth and change.

🙇🏻‍♂️ This is a great time for ideation, brainstorming and learning. If you felt stuck in the past, now is the time to overcome those blocks.

🌊 Allow ideas to flow through you like a river; stay open and aware.

🎨 Meditation and art will enhance your intuitive skills.

🌛 The Moon reminds you that you have more control than you think.

👁 Focus on your creativity, intuitive growth, emotional control, honesty and accountability.

👂🏽 Listen to your instincts and avoid giving into fear.

🌱 Focus on creating a new cycle of growth. Make a commitment and stick with it. (Others should do the same—if they don’t it’s time to re-evaluate those relationships).

🏠 “Home” can be anywhere you decide to put down roots. It’s a space in your heart, not just a space contained within four walls.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family is not solely blood relatives; it’s a chosen tribe of kindred spirits.

🤝 Reach out (even virtually) and expand your community.

🤗 Love yourself and allow others to see your worth.

💗 Be that which you seek in others; you complete you.

🧹 Clear your mind, house and energy of distractions.

🧼 Focus on cleaning up messes (literal or figurative) and karmic baggage in relationships.

☀️ Use the last quarter of the year to release and reset!

👓 Focus on the possibilities, not the setbacks!

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