♊️ GEMINI October 2020 🎭 Release your mask & be authentic. This attracts abundance in all forms 🧲

♊️ GEMINI: 🌲 Are you feeling like you “can’t see the forest for the trees?”

🗺 Create a cosmic blueprint; return to it when you feel lost.

📝 Details matter, but remember the big picture as well.

🛣 There’s no time for distractions or things that veer you off course.

🥾 Put your best foot forward. This is your chance to shine and share your insights. Be ready to make a good (and lasting) impression on others.

💂🏽‍♀️ October ushers in a changing of the guard. You can embrace leadership opportunities and also forge new alliances during this energetic shift.

🎭 Show your true colors; people want to see what’s beneath your mask. Authenticity is essential to success and happiness, so be honest, direct and transparent in communication.

🗣 Spirit is subtle at first. Listen to these whispers of intuition now and you can avoid difficulty in the future. Stay attentive and be discerning in your choices.

🚫 Saying “no” when you need to do so is a sign of power. Embrace this simple word. Redirect your energy to finish whatever you’ve started.

🌱 Releasing allows for something new to come into your life. Set an intention that this will be a cosmic upgrade—something higher frequency.

⚖️ Pay close attention to all types of legal contracts; always ask questions if uncertain. Take special care with respect to using creative materials and getting clearances.

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