July 2018 Intuitive Readings by Star Sign

Here are your July 2018 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, including an extended forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny. Please note that I will be bringing back tarot cards next month (August 2018). Thanks!

Here are all the channeled messages for this month as well:

#ARIES #June2018:
This is your chance to expand to new horizons. The only thing that will hold you back is your own discomfort with the unknown. Take a leap of faith!

#TAURUS #June2018:
Dive in and work on seeing things to fruition. The first step is the hardest, but you’ll find your flow after that.

#GEMINI #July2018:
Partnerships are paramount this month. Don’t shy away from new points of view. They will only help you strengthen whatever you’re trying to create in your life.

#CANCER #July2018:
Lead by example this month, even if others are testing your patience. You may inspire a change of heart in others and make new friends because of your positive example.

#LEO #July2018:
This month is all about liberation and release. Give yourself permission to let go, to move forward and explore new opportunities.

#VIRGO #July2018:
Go the distance and don’t give up until you hit the finish line this month. It’s worth the work.

#LIBRA #July2018:
Be bold and brave… Have the courage to try something new.

#SCORPIO #July2018:
Think of this month as a blank canvas; anything is possible.

Details are everything, so don’t rush. Make your first impression a good one.

#CAPRICORN #July2018:
Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself trying to please others. Just focus on being happy with yourself.

#AQUARIUS #July2018:
You may feel like your head is in the clouds this month. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; rather, your psychic skills may see a boost this month. Pay attention to subtle signs from the Universe.

#PISCES #July2018:
This is a month when family and ancestral energy may return to your life. You have a chance to release old karma and embark on new journeys.

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