July Newsletter Excerpt: Find Your Voice

Today, I was inspired to pull a single card for the month ahead—something that could serve as a way-finder. I pulled an upright Queen of Swords. Since we’re still in a Mercury Retrograde, this is especially apropos.

The Queen of Swords is Justice, Clarity and Power personified.
These attributes counter or neutralize many of the challenges we often experience in Retrograde.

Your voice matters… it always has, no matter what you’ve been told. 
There is power in numbers. If enough of us can work together, we can overcome the heavier energies that are trying to suppress or block us. This is a time to use your voice, your strength and your resources to make a lasting mark. The global pandemic has given you a chance to reflect upon your life and find out what you stand for. If you haven’t found your voice yet, July will bring you closer to doing so.

There is always night before day.
Many naysayers say that we are in a time of darkness. I believe we’re in those precious moments before dawn… that final second before the light breaks through and illuminates the truth. Yes, this is a time of unrest and movement, but like a dam bursting, the manifold powers of Transformation will not be held back. Change is upon us. Embrace the flow of change and it will lift you up.

Listen, then speak. 
Listen to those who have just found their voices after years of silence. Listen to those in pain. Listen to those who inspire and make your heart sing. Then (and only then) add your voice to the chorus and make it count.

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