🔮 July 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

All of the July 2020 Monthly Readings are now available on YouTube for replay.

♈️ ARIES: We are creating history now, so create the future you want and envision. Use love as a tool for change. 💞 Be careful with secrets and gossip. Don’t rush into any contracts or decisions.
♉️ TAURUS: This is a new beginning, not an end. It’s a time to break up the old cycle and create a breakthrough. You can emerge from this month with a new identity or vision for yourself. ✨🌍✨
♊️ GEMINI: It’s decision time—are you ready to make a commitment? If so, you have a window of opportunity. Take advantage of it. Be aware of others; don’t underestimate yourself (or them). Preventative maintenance pays off—don’t wait for things to break. Finally, this is a great time to spark creativity. 💡
♋️ CANCER: You can achieve a peaceful resolution through face-to-face meetings. (Remember to breathe, say less and let others speak their minds). Validate all assumptions. We are in the midst of ongoing change. Find comfort in the possibilities. A delay doesn’t mean something won’t happen; keep persevering. 🏃🏽‍♂️
♌️ LEO: Look at the fine print. What is the true cost or trade off? Beware of Red Herrings… look past a distraction and focus on the true issue. 👓 Everything is moving faster than you expect. Keep your eyes and ears open.
♍️ VIRGO: Focus on relationship Harmony; particularly those which provide balance and compliment your energy. 💗 It’s not possible to make everyone happy all the time, and that’s okay. Release limiting thoughts and you might be able to surprise yourself and others at what’s possible! Tune into your soul and focus on personal development.
♎️ LIBRA: All eyes are on you. 🤩 With the added scrutiny also comes a platform, so embrace that. There is no room for shortcuts (focus on quality!). Research and stay one step ahead of everyone else. Find ways to release stress and channel your passion—your heart will thank you. Embrace the energy of the Tower. It may take a couple iterations, but practice makes perfect!
♏️ SCORPIO: Your support matters to others. Be ready to step into the spotlight and take center stage. ✨ Secure your finances. Food choices and preparations can heal and bolster health; prepare your meals with love. 🥗 Don’t delay on getting the training or education you want or need.
♐️ SAGITTARIUS: Elevate your mind and go into a new direction this month. It’s okay to release the lens of nostalgia. Liberate your heart; it’s elastic and can bounce back. 💓 An open mind = open doors. Don’t limit yourself.
♑️ CAPRICORN: Keep a clear head. Meditate whenever possible. Your message will be heard, so think before you speak & choose words wisely. 🗣 Be constructive, not destructive, with communication. Avoid the “game of telephone” — speak 1:1. Someone you love may need more help than you can offer. Create healthy boundaries. Avoid extremes—especially anything that brings out your inner saboteur. Don’t walk out or away without a resolution.
♒️ AQUARIUS: Partnership healing is possible—this is a make or break it moment. Don’t put timelines or pressure on yourself… you’ll know when. Don’t compare yourself to others, either. In career, your charisma can win over the masses. 👑 Awards and titles don’t matter. Be ready and willing to share the spotlight. Also, expect good news and make sure you have something formal to wear. This act of preparation helps you manifest.
♓️ PISCES: The energy of Mars came through to remind you to fight for what matters; release what doesn’t. There’s either a decision-at-hand or divergence of paths between you and another. One path is offering an inner journey of discovery and integration; the other is a path of ego and accomplishment. Release fear and embrace the freedom that awaits you. The energy of Saturn came through to remind you to have a good cry or laugh and embark upon the areas of your life you want to change. Jupiter reminds you that expansion is possible. The speed and velocity depend on your focus and passion… this month opens up the potential for your dreams to take flight. Are you ready?!

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  1. Nicholas you are doing very good to the society in your reading I feel its magic and I observed so many things happened to me personally. exactly what you have said in the monthly forecast is been seen by me with my naked eyes in my life. I’m from india so not able to meet if I were in usa surely I wish to meet personally once. I’m a sagittarius.im follower of your reading since two years. You always suprises me in your reading thank you for your hard work and service to the society you doing is amazing.
    In my life if possible I would like to meet you once it’s a wish of mine.

  2. Your readings are fantastic…
    Thank you, from the other side of the world!!!!❤?

  3. Nicholas you’re an inspiration to me too : ) I have enjoyed listening to you . An Angel brought to all of us ? Thank You so much

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