July Live Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

All of your July 2021 Readings are now available on replay.

All times are listed in the Pacific Time Zone and are subject to change. Please check back here for the latest information.

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Recap of Channeled Messages:

  • ♈️ ARIES: Lean on grassroots support. Start small, but think BIG—success is within reach!
  • ♉️ TAURUS: You’ve done the inner work. It’s time to make a clean break—and a fresh start!
  • ♊️ GEMINI: You’re on the verge of a big life change—are you ready to take the first step?
  • ♋️ CANCER: If you can dream it, you can do it. Now is a time of rebirth and reinvention!
  • ♌️ LEO: You already have that which you seek. Believe in yourself and others will follow!
  • ♍️ VIRGO: Even if things seem hard, finish what you started. You’ll emerge as a leader! 
  • MID-MONTH COLLECTIVE: Post-Eclipse Energy •  Using Waxing Moon to Ease into Change 
  • ♎️ LIBRA: ️You’re one step ahead, so sometimes people don’t understand—trust your gut!
  • ♏️ SCORPIO: Are you ready to go the distance? Either pick up the pace or change course!
  • ♐️ SAGITTARIUS: Kindle your passion and forge a new path. Remember: you’re the boss! 
  • ♑️ CAPRICORN: Abundance wants to pour in, but you must be ready. It’s time to open up!
  • ♒️ AQUARIUS: Liberate yourself from an old cycle & step into a fulfilling, abundant path!
  • ♓️ PISCES: Don’t give away the key… Take the wheel and drive instead! It’s your turn. 
  • BONUS READING (All Signs): Adjusting to Changes • Career Growth • Communication & Intimacy
  • END-OF-MONTH COLLECTIVE: Energy Check-in • Creating Balance • Sparking Passion
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