July 2021 Newsletter Excerpt: Everything starts with an idea… what you do with that idea is up to you!

Power and relationships take center stage over the next six to eight weeks.
Professionally, big ideas are springing forth. Are you ready to tend to them and take action?

Past Influences: The Emperor

Everything starts with an idea. What you choose to do with that idea, is up to you. The Emperor reminds us that nothing comes from idle hands. To paraphrase an old Indigo Girls song, you have to get a hammer and a nail and take action. A flower cannot bloom without water and nourishment—the same is true of your dreams.

You are not alone this month, however, for the Divine Masculine energy in The Emperor is paired with The Empress. Your dreams can come into fruition if you put in the work. This pairing also suggests that partnerships are key to success.

Present: The Empress

The Empress stands in a field of wheat with a pregnant belly; it’s time to either release something that you’ve been holding onto or reap the rewards for the hard work that’s been put forth. With two major power cards (Emperor and Empress), there may be competition for the crown, but you are evenly matched. It will boil down to hard work, good timing and self confidence.

The Empress is the ultimate symbol of fertility, abundance and growth. She ushers in a new beginning. Like childbirth, there is often joy mixed with pain as you see a dream come to fruition. But with that pain also comes fulfillment.

Love may also be entering into your life. In this case, The Emperor and Empress are a good union. But they’re both headstrong. Find where you can give and take. With such strong energy, it may feel overwhelming at times.

Future: Ace of Swords (Reversed)

It’s fitting that the Future card is the Ace of Swords. Communication reigns supreme. Match your words with action… This is a time where you will be held accountable to promises. Make any edits or adjustments necessary to contracts or agreements. Speak up now, or forever hold your peace.

The Reversed Ace of Swords is a reminder to be succinct, honest and kind. Often our own thoughts or words can betray us, so try not to be self-deprecating or overly harsh in your judgements.

Keep your head tall, your mind clear, and great things await.

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