June 2019 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your June 2019 Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, including messages about Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny. See your Monthly Channeled Message, separated by signs. Each link will take you to the corresponding YouTube video.

Channeled Messages:

ARIES: Your goal is within reach, so don’t give up. There’s an energy of longevity permeating everything you touch this month!

TAURUS: Believe in yourself, believe in others, and be a beacon of hope. Faith and perseverance bring your dreams into fruition.

GEMINI: Make time to focus on reparation and renewal this month. This will open up new opportunities in the latter part of the year.

CANCER: Nourish yourself by taking time to just heal and refresh. This will help you flourish, and will give you what you need to both give back to others and also excel at your goals.

LEO: Ask for guidance; whether you lean on guides, friends or trusted professionals, you are not alone.

VIRGO: Respect boundaries and limits, both for yourself and others this month. Practice shielding during your meditation practice to keep your energy grounded and clear from the drama or trauma of others.

LIBRA: If you’ve been working hard to bring something to fruition, this is a keystone month, one during which you will have a chance to not only make progress, but also create a major shift for the next quarter of the year.

SCORPIO: This month provides a breakthrough energy or opportunity. Focus on genesis (creation/rebirth) and movement. This can help you transcend blocks or stagnation in your life.

SAGITTARIUS: You are infinite and you have more power than you realize. Don’t let others weigh you down or pull you away from your desired trajectory.

CAPRICORN: This month opens up a great energy around metamorphosis and transformation, but healing the past is a pre-requisite to this shift. Once you do this, you’ll call in higher energy (both in opportunities and relationships).

AQUARIUS: June is a month of release (and more importantly, renewal). If you open up your heart to embrace and cherish all the blessings coming your way, you’ll create a new cycle of abundance in your life.

PISCES: Focus on completion and resolution this month. By releasing old contracts and loose ends, you’ll be able to better focus your energy for the latter part of 2019.


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