🔮 June 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

All of the June 2020 Monthly Readings are now available on YouTube for replay.

♈️ ARIES: Take your time and acclimate slowly to any changes in your life. If you find yourself at a dead-end, or at the bottom of a list, find another way (or a different point-of-contact). Do your best to listen, de-escalate tension and avoid arguments.
♉️ TAURUS: Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. A truth will be revealed this month. Perseverance begins with one step; momentum will take you the rest of the way. Get into the frequency of love and joy to unlock your potential.
♊️ GEMINI: Forgive/Nurture yourself and others. Walk with grace & gratitude in all you do.
♋️ CANCER: Face your fears. Embrace what you can control in your life—especially the freedom to try new things, learn about yourself and explore paths that would otherwise seem closed off.
♌️ LEO: Cut cords and release old habits. Tap into your creative and intuitive flow. Set goals for yourself.
♍️ VIRGO: It’s always quiet in the beginning. Hold space and kindle your vision. Then, take a step forward and discover your soul’s true path.
♎️ LIBRA: Love, memories and relationships always outweigh any material gains or losses. Release emotional baggage and focus on who’s with you on your journey, right here, right now. Pass the torch and leave the world a better place. Embody kindness and patience in all you do.
♏️ SCORPIO: Don’t waste time looking backward; focus on the future and overcome fear. Make peace. Ask for a sign or reach out for help if you need it.
♐️ SAGITTARIUS: Release anger and frustration. It’s okay to move on. Close one chapter and open another.
♑️ CAPRICORN: Create a new flow of opportunity and kindle your creative spark. Push and shift your energy by expecting a great outcome. Dream big, as your thoughts manifest reality!
♒️ AQUARIUS: believe that there is no block, that the sky is the limit. Each day, take a chance to hit a mental reset button and approach the day as a clean slate, with new possibilities. Step into leadership or mentorship opportunities.
♓️ PISCES: Avoid arguments… focus on listening, empathizing or walking away. Relationships need breathing space in order to grow. Be flexible and open to changes.

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  1. You are great and I look forward to your readings. As life unfolding in these difficult times you bring light. Thank you

  2. yr absolutly wonderful. im a domestic violence survivor i appreciate you being here for all of us to meditate with you . i appreciate yr drop in videos …. theyre nice and supportive god bless you and yr team .. julia k santa cruz ca

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