June 2023 Newsletter Excerpt: Let Your Dreams Take Flight!

With Solstice on the horizon (June 21), we are officially at the midpoint of the year, and now’s the perfect month to create balance in your life! This 3-card reading will help you embrace all the energies coming through in the month ahead!

Strength Card Tarot

In past influences, we have Strength, which represents the invaluable inner work you’ve been doing to create a firm foundation in your life. This card is one of the most auspicious cards to come through in the past because it represents the energy of being a survivor… When you set your mind to it, nothing can keep you down. All of your experiences, especially the tumults, have given you context and wisdom. Now’s the time to lean into this and step forth with confidence.

In the future position, we have The Fool. This card, especially as illustrated here, represents the ability for dreams to take flight. Now is the time to imagine that things might work out, rather than worrying about worst-case scenarios. Give yourself the freedom to explore new things. Now is the time to break old habits, old routines and see what the world has to offer.

This card also reminds us change happens one step at a time. So don’t get overwhelmed by the entirety of a dream, goal or project. Gently build it, brick-by-brick. One day you’ll surprise yourself at the progress you’ve made.

In future possibilities, the Nine of Cups (reversed) serves as a reminder that self-care is essential. Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed by all that’s going on in your life… lean on the support systems around you, if needed!

At its core, the Nine of Cups is a positive card. It teaches us to embrace the good days when they come. Make time to celebrate life’s little victories. And, as we discussed earlier, contextualize (or reframe) any setbacks as blessings in disguise.

What are your plans for the month ahead? Take time tonight and map out a plan of action… that way you can embrace the flying energy we see in The Fool card above!