♌️ LEO December 2020 🛣 A change of direction is advantageous & needed. (You may opt to go at it alone.)

♌️ LEO: 👁 You may feel as if you’re having an awakening, epiphany or an a-ha moment. Honor these premonitions and instincts!

🛣 A change of direction is both advantageous and necessary.

🔮 You may be the only person that sees or understands what’s at stake right now.

👑 You can either speak up and inspire others, or take the helm and make it happen yourself.

⏳ Any time spent making the change will be recuperated in the long term.

🗣 Use your voice and don’t be afraid of direct communication. This may cost you some connections, but the ones that remain are the ones on which you can rely in the future.

🌱🌲 Like losing baby teeth, or experiencing growing pains, you’re actually getting stronger and will be better positioned for sustained growth in the year ahead.

🔥 Don’t get caught in the crossfire of other people’s drama.

⚖️ Remain cool, calm and collected. Your power is in your ability to fight what matters most, and focusing on where you can make the biggest impact.

🧹 Do literal and figurative housecleaning and inspections.

🚰 I saw leaking pipes, which could be plumbing, but may also symbolize inefficient resource management, or even gossip. Address any of the aforementioned sooner rather than later.

📝 Before taking a shortcut, make sure you’re not overlooking a critical detail.

✍🏼 Don’t agree to overly restrictive contracts. To that end, write in a contingency plan to protect yourself.

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