♌️ LEO November 2020 🧬 Create something new instead of holding onto the past. Change is in your DNA!

♌️ LEO: 💫 Are you ready to start a new cycle? The Wheel of Fortune came through in dreams and meditation showing that this is possible.

🙏🏽 Remember that everything you’ve done so far is a lesson and blessing that brought you to this moment in time. Give thanks for the character it’s built.

⌚️ There is no wasted time, provided you reflect on the knowledge and experience you’ve gained.

✨ Create something new instead of holding onto the past. You are an agent of creation.

🧬 After all, change is a vital mechanic of growth—it’s in our very DNA as humans. Once the dust settles, it’s easier to see this truth.

🤚🏾 Establish boundaries with new relationships.

📝 Re-set or balance your existing contracts.

⚖️ Even out the exchange of energy; nothing is for free and reciprocity is necessary for healthy relationships.

🏦 It’s time to reclaim and reinvest (emotionally, financially and energetically) into things that truly matter.

🏠 Like a home, your soul needs TLC. Make sure that you practice clearing, maintenance and protective rituals to keep your mind/body/spirit in order.

🚪 Doors that were once closed are now open. You’ve changed… you just have to embrace the change.

🔑 You have everything you need; the Universe is simply waiting for you to turn the key and state your intention.

😴 If you feel like there’s a part of your life in which you’re sleep-walking, now is the time to wake up.

⏰ Take action now; there’s no more time for procrastination. What if this is the perfect moment to make change happen? Don’t let the window of opportunity slip by you!

🗣 Try using the following mantras for growth and self-empowerment…

💪🏾 “I am strong. I can handle this.”

💞 “I’m ready for love and abundance in all forms.”

🧘🏽‍♂️ “I do not seek acceptance from others, for I’ve already found that acceptance and unconditional love within.”

👋🏼 “I release those who are unwilling to love unconditionally.”

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