♌️ LEO September 2020: 🌌 Reach for the stars, but don’t lose your sense of direction along the way.

♌️ LEO: 🌌 The Pleiades star cluster, also known as The Seven Sisters or Seven Daughters of Atlas was widely used in nautical navigation in the past. In the Onondaga Nation, there is an origin story of the Oot-Kwa-Tah (their name for this star cluster). In it, children dance a sacred dance despite warnings by a wise elder. While dancing, their stomachs grow hungry; they return to their village and ask their parents for food. Their parents turn them away and the children begin dancing again. They dance and dance until the hunger becomes a lightness that causes their bodies to levitate. Alarmed, their parents try to toss food to them and ask them to stop. But it’s too late. The children are now consumed by the dance, and continue to rise towards the heavens until they’re lost to the stars and become The Pleiades. The story, much like the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus recounts the stubbornness of youth, but also highlights how the next generation is destined to elevate the consciousness of this planet (one way or another)… to bring us closer to the stars. Let’s dance the dance together, and not lose our direction in the process. This is a time to heal your inner child as well and forgive the wounds of the past (whether with parents, siblings or your own children).

🦶🏽 Stay grounded this month. Listen to common sense and warnings. Make time for those who you love and consider family. Don’t allow your fears to hold you back.

🧬 Family is not always genetic — chosen family can be just as powerful and important to growth and happiness. Focus on growing that chosen family.

🛣 There’s a divergence of paths between you and a loved one. Keep communication open and go your own way if needed. Sometimes distance brings clarity.
☮️ Resolve conflict so you can sleep with a clear conscience. Life is too precious and finite to carry a grudge or to say something hurtful and allow that to be the last correspondence. Clear the way so you have no regrets.

🛌 Clean, clear and sanctify your bedroom to allow for a better night’s sleep. Replace bedding, pillows and mattresses as needed.

💨 Avoid smokescreens and projected drama from others.

👁 Keep your mind on what matters.

🎩 You’ll never regret over-preparation or dressing for an occasion. You want to be ready for your moment in the spotlight.

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