♎️ LIBRA August 2020 Feel like you’ve outgrown something? Now’s the time to plant new roots & grow 🌱

♎️ LIBRA: Do you feel as if you’ve outgrown something? Listen to that intuition. Now is a time of growth 🌱 and expansion! 💥 Give yourself the freedom to try, experiment (and even fail)—it’s all part of learning. Be kind with yourself and others. Just like a plant that has been transplanted, it takes time for your “new roots” to get established.

If you are currently on the bench waiting or queued in a line, ask yourself, “am I ready for the change to happen?” If you are, then take that leap of faith and find someone who’s ready to lift you to the next level. If you’re not ready, then use this pause to make things picture perfect. For those blessed with abundance, pay it forward and help others. What will your legacy be? Spend time making a difference.

Take time this month to listen to yourself and others. People will reveal their true colors. To that end, this is a time of revelation. Take what you learn and make morale better. Fix problems before they balloon into something bigger.

Stay empowered by taking accountability and being honest with yourself and others—this honesty will help facilitate a move or transition in the near future.

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  • sugarpie1
    Posted at 18:53h, 14 August Reply

    This is incredible and exactly on point. Just like you said to do is I listened at different times so far this month and have had a completely different understanding today;on 8/14/20 compared to reading this in the later part of July. WOW! I can totally relate and it absolutely resonates with me. I am experiencing or going through rather, everything in which you mentioned and I felt like you were speaking directly to me. You are the very best and I always appreciate your input and perspective on things. I most definitely appreciate your time, energy and effort that you put into the readings and everything else that you do in regards to sharing your amazing talent and passion with everyone out here in the universe, AKA your audience. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    Lastly I must mention that a few months ago you mentioned in my Libra monthly reading that there was a sign or message that you received that said to pay attention to your heart in terms of possible simple but surely something to pay attention to and probably should have checked out by a physician just to be safe. That’s basically what I remember hearing you say. Anyhow, sure enough out of the blue and for no reason at all my heart flipped out and went into a racing like rhythm called tachycardia. I was not doing anything other than watching TV with my dog one afternoon and it happened out of the blue. Once everything was fine and I was ok, even though they said they could not find anything contributing to the tachycardia and everything checked out good but gave no diagnosis, so I remembered days later about the reading for that month and I was completely blown away by the accuracy of the information.. Now I don’t believe in coincidence’s and I haven’t had any problems before and/or after the event, not to mention I am only 50 years old. There’s no contributing factors is what they said. Just a little bit frightening and that’s all. I must also say that the reading was not my first time of having something similar, or of relevance occur afterwards. A few previous readings ago I had something minor yet relatable occur afterwards but I was conflicted about it and wondering if I had imagined it. This past time got my attention loud and clear and I am an absolute 100% believer. Thanks again for all that you do.
    PS please give Apollo my love❤

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