♎️ LIBRA November 2020: You stand between ends & beginnings 🌍 Release the old and explore what’s possible

♎️ LIBRA: ✨ You are more capable and talented than you realize.

🧱 If you’ve hit a brick wall or glass ceiling, it’s time to move on!

👑 Be successful. It’s the best way to disprove those who doubt your abilities.

🛣 Like the god Janus, you stand between endings and beginnings in November; release what was and explore what could be.

🦋 New beginnings can be unnerving, but also exhilarating!

💥 See this as a chance to make a breakthrough!

🤚🏾 Don’t limit yourself by what you’ve done, or what other’s expect of you.

🙏🏽 Be authentic and express your true soul’s passion.

🌟 You will have a chance to step into The Star energy.

🤫 Avoid speaking in a rush or in an emotional outburst; things can (and will) boomerang back and you may have to explain or contextualize later.

⚖️ If you have to defend yourself, make sure you get equal speaking time and have good representation. Your voice needs to be heard.

👁 Increased visibility means you have a platform. Leverage it! Elevate not only your goals, but help support others if you can.

⏳ Make wise choices in how you invest your time and energy (think: 6 of Pentacles).

🙇🏻‍♂️ Especially focus on how much you’re picking up the slack for others, or how much you give away without a second thought.

🌈 Say “no” & respect your need for rest. Small acts of energetic conservation translate to big gains in productivity.

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  • Linda de Kam
    Posted at 14:49h, 17 October Reply

    Dearest Nicholas,
    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a few months now ..
    I find listening to you and Apollo ( your beautiful little friend ) a moment of joy in my day..
    I can’t believe how your readings align with so many things going on in my life ..A coincidence !
    I don’t think so ..I believe my Angels connected me up with you..
    let’s say your readings make sense to me ..Thank you.
    Kind regards Linda.

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