♎️ LIBRA October 2020 🌟 The change you desire is within reach; trust yourself and take the plunge!

♎️ LIBRA: 🌟 The change you desire is within reach. Trust yourself, release fear and take the first steps towards realizing it.

🌱 With one ending, a new beginning emerges.

🔥 Your spirit animal is the phoenix and you’re living through the Judgment card. Embrace the new you. Rise up!

⚡️ Disruption is a central energy in October. Sometimes you are the agent of change; sometimes you are being pushed by others.

🕺🏽 Like a dancer, your flexibility is being tested. Stay agile in your thoughts.

🐣 Move out of your comfort zone and remain positive as you do so. Others will follow suit.

🙌🏽 Stay hands-on with respect to tasks; control the details, timeline and messaging whenever possible.

⏰ As you get closer to your goal, you may experience a slight delay.

🌠 This means you are on the verge of a pivotal BREAKTHROUGH. Shadows often challenge light when it’s about to gain momentum.

✨ Speak up and shine your light even brighter. Whatever you do, don’t give up! Like the 9 of wands, you’ve fought too hard to get here.

💫 Embrace the tenets of the 9 of Pentacles: independence, abundance, perseverance and patience.

💕 A relationship will stem out of this self empowerment/self worth. It may take longer than expected (a quarter to a half a year) but the energy you create in October will serve as a beacon for it. The energy is unconditional, higher love—that of your soul family.

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