♎️ LIBRA September 2020 🗣 Your voice is your frequency & your secret power—now’s the time to use it!


⚡️ As we approach September, a two-month energetic shift is opening up for you, completing around Halloween. The emphasis is on rebirth and reinvention. Think of it as a Life Review while you’re still alive, giving you a chance to course-correct.

🏡 This affords a chance to heal past relationships with friends, family and even ancestors.

🎭 During this “homecoming” release masks, façades and shed your old skin to make way for growth. Focus instead on revealing your true self, launching ideas and exploring new paths.

🧭 You are a way-finder and a beacon, so fine-tune your spiritual GPS.

👍🏽 Know who you are and what you stand for because others are looking to you for the answers. Some are lost, some are soul-searching and some lack mental clarity or acuity.

✋🏽 Identify and address any confusion or co-dependencies as early as possible.

🗣 Your voice is your frequency. Speak for yourself and encourage others to do the same.

👂🏽 Likewise, listen and truths will be revealed.

🛣 Look into hidden costs—shortcuts may actually not be time-saving.

💪🏽 Hard work is rewarded.

⚖️ Don’t get lost or absorbed by others’ drama. Find yourself, and nurture yourself.

🙇🏻‍♂️ Friendships may ebb and flow—use quiet time to reset energetically.

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