🔮 March 2020 Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

Watch the live replay of all the March 2020 Monthly Intuitive Readings by Star Sign. Each includes  a guided meditation. 

  • ♈️ Aries: Stay true to your course. Don’t let naysayers win. This temporary distraction is actually a sign that you’re making progress.
  • ♉️ Taurus: Resolve unfinished business. Take time to clean up messes, both literal and figurative.
  • ♊️ Gemini: Be careful with so-called shortcuts; they may not save time. Clarify your intent. Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • ♋️ Cancer: Clear. Cleanse. Reveal. At the end of any struggle this month is a rainbow. Persevere and seek out that blessing. It’s worth the work.
  • ♌️ Leo: Focus on money, contracts and communication. Talk openly about financial concerns and ideas. Don’t sign a contract without legal council. Communicate often, early and with transparency.
  • ♍️ Virgo: #FTL – this is a chance to move faster than light. You’re embarking on a new ten-year cycle. Onward, upward and forward!
  • ♎️ Libra: Rekindle. Rebuild. Reclaim. This is a month to move through a figurative spiritual lost & found. Doors that were once shut, are now open. Reclaim your dream(s); it’s never too late to do so. Also, do some cleaning in your spiritual house. Some parts can be rebuilt. Approach everything with joy and a youthful levity.
  • ♏️ Scorpio: Savor today. Do what fulfills your heart and soul (not what fills or occupies your time). To that end, it’s okay to be finicky. At life’s banquette, not everything is as it seems.
  • ♐️ Sagittarius: Release fear, anger and regret. Don’t be afraid to shine (be a spotlight!). Embrace gratitude as a tool to heal and fight shadow energy.
  • ♑️ Capricorn: Vent your emotions. Heal from the inside-out, paying special attention to emotional and karmic scars. Clear and clean up relationships. This will allow for a better return on your energetic investment in love and money.
  • ♒️ Aquarius: There’s more than one way to get things done. If necessary, reboot or restart processes this month. Live in technicolor—don’t limit yourself.
  • ♓️ Pisces: You are the creator (not merely an actor or a participant). Remember that this is not a competition. Be present and live your best life. Avoid conflict—transmute, don’t feed the Shadow energy in your life.

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  1. Nicholas, I have only begun following you since January of this year and am thoroughly convinced of your wondrous abilities, keen sense of intuities, your clean and clear delivery, and most of all your love of humanity. I and my boyfriend find you most accurate about us and we listen to you at least 2 to 3 times each month, each time picking up something new that we missed the first times. Just wanted to tell you what a help you have been to us on this ever-changing rollercoaster ride our life has become ( I am a fellow libran and he is a piscean). We have both recently become awakened to our capabilities and learning more and more everyday! Thanks to you, it has been pretty wonderful! Cudos to you for sharing your talents and experiences with us. Love your delivery style too! Love to Apollo and to you!

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