March 2021 Newsletter Excerpt: The Equinox is Moving Us Into an Active Energetic Cycle

March is a time for ideation, creativity and development.

The transformative energy of the Equinox is moving us from a passive cycle into a much more active one.

Equinox is magical, since both hemispheres are receiving roughly the same amount of light… it’s a time where we can all be united in the light of possibility.

Knight of Wands: Let your ideas take flight.

The Knight of wands ushers in a period of movement. This particular knight carries a torch, just like an Olympic torch-bearer. For you, this symbolizes the spark of hope, creativity and passion within. Protect, cherish and kindle that until you’re ready to share it with the world. Whatever you do, don’t give up. The knight is active and persistent. You are your own champion, not someone else. Stand up, and charge forward into the energy of the Equinox!

Three of Pentacles: Recognition begins within.

Many of us have spent the last year discovering who we are (and aren’t). Now’s the time to put that realization to work. Finish whatever you started and focus on “graduating” to the next level (literally or figuratively). The Three of Pentacles is a card of mastery. Whether or not you’ve received material or external recognition in the form of kind words, a diploma or a promotion, know this: you’ve learned what you need to and it’s time to move onward and upward. Look at the obstacles in your way and use that torch that you’ve been kindling to break free and ignite into the solar energy we see in the next card.

The Sun: Expansion, revelation and destiny.

The Sun is pushing you to step into your light. Now is a time to truly feel empowered and to share your voice, vision or passion with the world. Know and love yourself, for that internal recognition will attract other high-frequency energies like The World, The Lovers and The Wheel of Fortune. The Sun also represents the ego and it’s here to remind you to never lose track of yourself, your purpose or your dreams. Shine brightly!

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