March 2023 Newsletter Excerpt: A Change is Coming!

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JUSTICE: It’s Decision Time.

Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in. If you’ve been delaying a decision or taking action, this is the time to create movement in your life. This card also underlines the importance of doing what’s right for you, not what’s popular, expected, or demanded. 

THE DEVIL: Cutting Cords & Reclaiming Power.

As the illustration so beautifully shows, you have more power than you realize. A simple “no” can help establish healthy boundaries and help cut cords between others that demand or take too much energetically. It may also be time to step away from a relationship where the other partner is not ready to meet you on the same level of commitment. 

In work and career, this is about standing up for your worth and value. As always, The Devil card is often a necessary block, akin to a “dead end” street sign. It’s time to look for a better path, and use your energy to embrace the next card, the Four of Wands.

THE 4 OF WANDS (Reversed): Unexpected Allies & Timing.

The Four of Wands is one of the best cards in the Minor Arcana. It represents firm foundations, stable relationships, and oftentimes a marriage or contact that has the capacity to last the test of time. The reversal of this card indicates that there is a great opportunity on the horizon, but it may come at an unexpected time or take an unexpected form.

A Change is Coming!

Keep doing the work on yourself. Create work/life balance, cut cords with things that don’t return or value your energy, and doing so will attract others who have done the same. When you least expect it, the Universe will open up a new door of opportunity. Stay open-minded, open-hearted and aware of your surroundings.

Good luck and Happy March, everyone!