May 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign

Here are your May 2019 Extended Monthly Intuitive Tarot Readings by Star Sign, with Channeled Messages, and a forecast for Health, Wealth, Love and Destiny.

Channeled Messages:

  • ARIES: Focus on expanding your heart space. Love is a universal currency, so don’t limit how much you can give or receive. Tapping into your joy and passion will open up abundance in all parts of your life.
  • TAURUS: Do your best to embrace brevity in communication. Pay special attention to those who are separated by distance or time — do what you can to shrink this distance. Keep an open mind to new, more succinct ways to get things done.
  • GEMINI: Embrace your creative energy this month and have fun with this process (#recreation). Let imagination be your compass and don’t be afraid to start over or approach something from a different perspective. You can make/break cycles this month as well.
  • CANCER: Clear. Shift. Refine. Clear your physical space, shift ideas/perceptions, and refine your goals. This will allow bigger shifts in consciousness and energy to come through.
  • LEO: Look beneath the surface. Take time for both reflection and research.
  • VIRGO: Embrace change. You’re only as stuck as you feel, and once you let go, a feeling of freedom will set in.
  • LIBRA: There’s a great deal of energy coming through this month to help you realize your goals. The key is to focus and embrace your own ability to manifest. Be patient. Be consistent. Don’t underestimate your abilities. If you’re you ready to get started, then just surrender and allow the universal flow to channel through you.
  • SCORPIO: Pay attention to details this month and leave no stone unturned. Your diligence could reveal a hidden blessing or help you avoid a potential block.
  • SAGITTARIUS: A perceived setback or delay may actually reveal a hidden blessing in the days or weeks to come. Stay open to new opportunities and embrace the overwhelming transformative energy that is rushing in this month.
  • CAPRICORN: Don’t rush; be fully present and enjoy the day-to-day moments before they pass you by. Today is the gift, not tomorrow.
  • AQUARIUS: Release the past, let go of doubt and embrace a newfound energy of liberation that is coming through this month.
  • PISCES: Focus on balancing the energy of giving and receiving. For some of you this may entail learning, mentorship or some sort of community service.
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