May 2021 Live Readings by Star Sign (Replay)

All of the May 2021 LIVE Readings are now available for replay!

Channeled Messages

  • ♈️ ARIES: If you want something, all you need to do is ask. Don’t make the Universe guess!
  • ♉️ TAURUS: Like an inchworm or tesseract, you’ll find a faster way to get things done!
  • ♊️ GEMINI: Listen to others, and to your inner voice—get all the details before you commit!
  • ♋️ CANCER: Don’t “play opossum”—Move into the energy of transformation and make things happen!
  • ♌️ LEO: You can think yourself out of any challenge—just keep your cool and stay grounded!
  • ♍️ VIRGO: Unexpected partnerships will help you thrive. Take the first step and reach out!
  • ♎️ LIBRA: Be authentic, passionate and embody “The Star” energy. A breakthrough is possible!
  • ♏️ SCORPIO: Be creative and start something new. A key friendship may blossom as a result!
  • ♐️ SAGITTARIUS (Part 1, Part 2)—The Winds of Change are pushing you in a new direction!
  • ♑️ CAPRICORN: You’re weaving a web of opportunity that’ll capture and accelerate your dreams!
  • ♒️ AQUARIUS: You see things others cannot. Take your time and do things right the first time!
  • ♓️ PISCES: Don’t worry if you hit a plateau; keep moving and get ready for a quantum leap!

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