November 2020 Newsletter Excerpt: It’s Time for a Sea Change

The cards for November show a story of release, emotional empowerment and a leap of faith—essentially, movement and change across all sectors of your life.

You are not tethered to your past—unless you choose to be.

Sometimes we feel beholden to mistakes, choices or old relationship contracts. It’s normal—healthy, even—to reflect upon the past. But the energy in November is about movement, not stagnation. The Six of Swords is moving forward, with or without you… there is an opportunity for your life to set sail, but you must be ready. You (and only you) decide how and when it’s right for you to move forward. (It’s a question of WHEN, not IF, this month.)

Ask yourself:

WHEN am I ready to move forward?
HOW will I do things better (this time around)?
WHAT IF tomorrow is better than I imagined it could be?

You can’t change your heart’s true desire or knowledge—listen to what it’s trying to tell you and use it as a compass.

Your heart is asking you to surrender to its wisdom. The King of Cups is a powerful and auspicious card to show up in the center of this three card spread. It indicates that if it feels right, it probably is (and vice versa). If you have to talk yourself or someone else into something, it’s probably time to move on.

With The King of Cups, relationship energy is abundant.

For those in relationships: this portends passion, heightened sensitivity and perhaps even an ability to be more easily agitated. Be kind to yourself and others. If you’re at a cross-roads in a relationship, you’ll know what to do.

For those who are single and looking: this opens new doors in partnerships of all kinds, providing you let go of the past.

For those who are single and happy: you have an amazing ability to attract new opportunities this month. Just like The Lovers, your charisma is your best tool. Embrace it.

It’s time to take a leap of faith—just read the fine print.

Don’t let fear hold you back from trying something new. November is shaping up to be like a “reset” button. It’s okay to take a new path or fork in the road. Change, risk and exploring are part of how our soul evolves.

The Fool is coming through in the future placement to show that, indeed, if nothing’s wagered, nothing’s gained. However, it’s a Fool’s Bargain if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Take a moment to consider any offer on the table. Get a second set of eyes on it, if need be… then move boldly towards whatever dream awaits you… you’ll do so knowing that you know all the trade-offs.

Happy surprises may come through with The Fool as well. Do your best to let go and enjoy the ride. Detachment will help you manifest—and it will be more fun that trying to control every element of your life.

Featured Deck: Tarot of the Divine

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